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Studio Sale and ebay auction

My studio is so packed full of textiles, bags, figurines etc that I can hardly move around anymore, so I've made a huge sales list here:


These pieces may appear on ebay/etsy if they don't sell from the list.

I've also listed the Winter Art Quilt on ebay here:

My items on eBay

It's UK only because of the size and weight of it.

Winter Art Quilt

bugged designs: fairy birthday card

Fairy birthday card added to the website

In honour of the birth of baby Niamh I've added a new section to the Bugged
website with examples of cards that people can make with children,
the examples have been made by Niamh with help from Mammy and Daddy! Only one
card there at the moment (Easter chick) but there will be more to come.

It's finally here! The first UK Etsy Sellers Spring Sale starts today, Sunday April 1st, and runs until Sunday April 8th. That's one whole week of fabulous UK bargains to be had.

On Etsy, tag search for "uksale" to find all the fantastic UK Esty Shops taking part in the sale! (Please note that sale offers will vary between shops)

Over in Numptyland, I am offering FREE SHIPPING for the duration of the sale, woohoo!

Click on the flyer below (designed by the uber talented Jo of Askey Illustrations) to see a full list of all the wonderful UK Etsy sellers that are taking part in the sale and their corresponding offers.

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Happy UK Etsy shopping!


Hi all,

First, I'm happy to see a few people have actually 'subscribed' to this livejournal despite me not advertising or putting any more effort into it other than the spark the day I decided to create it. Perhaps soon I can get around to that...

I'm just getting back into crafting - knitting is my most recent craft I've taken up and I'm obsessed. In the past I did beaded jewellery and cards and want to do some more of that - I just really lack any space right now to spread out and get going, but I need to do it because I enjoy it.

Anyway, I am toying with the idea of making some items and seeing if they'll sell - be it online or in some of the local shops in my area. As I've only ever made items for myself and friends, I never needed quantity - a pop down to the local craft shop to pick up a few jump rings and crimp beads and that was all I needed. I don't want to get ahead of myself and buy loads of stuff to find out that trying to sell a few items here and there isn't worth it. However, I'm curious to know where you source materials.

I'm looking for:

* beading materials (sterling findings, some gold findings (I never use gold so I need to familiarise myself with this as I know some people prefer it), tiger tail, etc.)
* containers (e.g. small tins / jewellery boxes)
* card stock

I've looked on eBay and found a few things, but I just wonder about the quality so if you can recommend particular sellers, that'd be appreciated.

bugged designs site update

New bookmark added to bugged designs website:

Information is now available on the do crafts website for the marie curie campaign for this year.  Closing date for card submissions is 30th April.